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We have decades of combined experience helping customers just like you. Our team is both broad and deep, with varied backgrounds covering years in each field.

Knowing the questions to ask is actually more important than knowing the answers. Answers can be found - even if you don't know them just yet - but "you don't know what you don't know." Skip an important question and you'll be running as fast as you can just to stay in one place, like the Queen in "Alice in Wonderland."
Unlike traditional staff, customers only pay for the work done. No cell phone breaks, water cooler discussions, or sick days. And clients save on taxes and health care costs, too. Additionally, we only do the work you want done. If there is a lull or transition, we are not still on the clock. We offer a reasonable tiered rate system, with less skilled tasks at a low rate with high level programming, etc. farther up the ladder.
We work from an altruistic standpoint: we work with the goal of fixing problems rather than of making money. And this also means that we don't have an agenda... other than to help you.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide effective IS/IT solutions and solve problems more economically to keep costs down for our customers while providing efficient and reliable customer service and support, as well as the best possible environment for our employees.

JCS has worked with providers using almost every software brand within the industry. In addition to those listed at the left with links to their websites, we have worked with agencies utilizing Raintree, Uni/Care, ProEDI, and custom Access and SQL systems. We work extensively with customers to bring data and reports in a format their employees are comfortable with such as standard MS Excel, Word, and Access. We have worked with SQL for data warehouse reports and Crystal Reports and SQL Reporting Services as appropriate for each customer. We have also found that even when we are not immediately familiar with a specific product, the principles are the same and we are able to quickly provide the solution to your problem. Our goal is to save your agency money by providing expertise at a reasonable rate and salvaging your existing investment whenever possible. For agencies considering the purchase of new mental health software, we always recommend identifying if the existing software is capable of meeting the goals. Data conversions are very costly and should be undertaken with a realistic analysis of the pros, cons, and cost comparison for initial and ongoing costs. The ultimate goal of ALL systems and products is clean, accurate, reliable, and timely data. We understand that the ultimate reason for mental health software is so agencies are able to concentrate on serving the mental health needs of the public. We'll help make that happen.

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