Our team

We are a diverse group of professionals with decades in the fields of behavioral health, finance, medical records, vendor vetting, staff/HR selection, and data analysis. This is not a complete list, but here are a few members of our team:

Jeanette Griffin

Founder and owner

In the years prior to founding Jet Computer Support, Jeanette worked in a variety of roles at medical and mental health agencies; including serving as CFO of a large non-profit mental health agency with hundreds of employees. As the owner and founder of JCS, she concentrates on project management, meeting with customers, and strategic planning. Jeanette draws on her extensive financial and managerial background as well as her knowledge of clinical issues and reporting requirements assigns the appropriate JCS team members to each project. She also teaches classes, and develops new processes and reports.

Jerry schneider

Programming, SQL expert, clinical

After getting a graduate education in Research Psychology and working for years in the clinical arena, Jerry transitioned to IT and programming. He is an expert in SQL and DBMS and has over 20 years of experience working in IT and programming, particularly in the behavioral health industry. He is an expert at meeting complicated data requirements and project management for software conversions. Jerry is an expert at state and regional reporting requirements in Oregon and Washington. In the past, Jerry worked for Washington State Division of Behavioral Health, Pierce Regional Support Network (RSN), Kitsap Mental Health, and Good Samaritan Hospital. JCS customers are fortunate to have access to his expertise and experience with data requirements in nine of the Washington RSN/Behavioral Health Networks and Oregon MOTS (Measures and Outcomes Tracking System).

Kelly Nortrom

HIPAA expert, project manager, programming, audit support

Prior to coming to JCS, Kelly did extensive work in the public and private sector in accounting and IT support. With JCS, Kelly specializes in electronic clinical applications, project management and problem solving, leading meetings, facilitating and developing trainings, IS Management, report writing, programming, UNIX functions, HIPAA transactions and compliance, business continuity and disaster recovery planning and testing, documentation, preparing for and conducting data and encounter audits, and supporting clinical and quality assurance audits.

Shayne Spratt

Programming expert

Shayne worked for several years at LifeWorks Northwest in Oregon, gaining a reputation as a "scripting genius" because of his ability to write, read, and understand code. He maintained their data system, and kept their agency on the cutting edge of data system capabilities by programming and customizing their software to support their business and clinical needs. His specialties include programming, scripting, Unix/AIX Admin, IRMS/imaging and exporting documents when customers change EHR software, automating processes, Netsmart CMHC/MIS migrations to other software, C#, .NET, SharePoint, Avatar form modeling and HIPAA transaction set-up, HIPAA standard and non-standard transactions, billing, and data exchange. Shayne can quickly learn any system and begin programming to meet complicated requirements.

Alice Sharratt

Reports, data analysis guru, project manager

Alice has worked for JCS for almost 20 years, specializing in reports and data analysis. She has a great eye for detail and project management. She conducts trainings and leads meetings for customers, keeping projects on track!

Neil Griffin

Hardware support, HIPAA expert, programming

Prior to coming to JCS, Neil worked in IT in both the public and private sectors. He is an expert in HIPAA transactions, particularly the 834 Benefit Enrollment, 820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice, and 837P Health Care Claim; he also has experience managing a small IT department, and SQL programming for customers. He has a degree in Computer Networking, and can help customers with solving hardware and networking issues.

Our dedicated team is here to help.

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